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Our brand new Rewards Program has launched.  It’s super easy to begin earning and using your reward points right away!

→ Earn Instantly

Why some stores make you wait is beyond us.  Your points can be used immediately after earning them.

→ No Limits

We don’t limit you on how many points you can earn or use.  They’re your points.  Simple!

→ Never Expires

Why would they ever expire?  You earned them.  Save them forever, or use them whenever.  Easy!

Program Highlights

Our new rewards program is built to be simple.  No need to know how to perform rocket surgery.

Earn Points With Every Purchase

Whenever you make a purchase you’ll earn points that can be redeemed instantly.  It’s that easy!  Why other stores make you wait is beyond us.

100 Point New Customer Bonus

We’re giving our brand new customers who create an account 100 Bonus Points to be used instantly (or whenever they want)

100 Point First Purchase Bonus

We’re giving everyone a 100 Point Bonus for their first purchase.  No need to do anything, you’ll be rewarded automatically!

Earn 50-Points For Reviewing Products You Purchase

We want to know what you think about our products.  And honestly, so do other people.  So why not leave an honest review on the products you purchase and earn some points by doing so?  For each verified review you’ll earn 50 Points!

Earn Points For Just Logging In

Yeah, it’s that simple.  Have some time to kill?  Log in to our website each day to earn points that can be used right away.  I mean, what do you have to lose?  Other than those points you’d otherwise not earn…

Reward Features Coming Soon

Oh, we don’t plan on stopping there.  We’re cooking up a lot of ways you can earn even more!

Earn Points For Social Shares

We’re currently testing ways you can earn points for sharing our site to your social media feeds.  Once launched, you’ll be able to earn reward points you can use instantly by simply sharing A Spice Above to your social media!

Customer Referral Rewards

Chances are you’ve told someone about our products and they’ve made a purchase or two.  Why wouldn’t you get rewarded for that?  We’re currently testing a system to reward you instantly for any referrals you make.  No brainer!

And Many More

We’re always thinking of new ways to reward our customers.  Check back often to see exactly what we’ve cooked up!