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Thanksgiving Party Pack #1 – Dip, Soup, Biscuits, & Pie


Dip, Soup, Biscuits, & Pie

Trust our gourmet mixes to help make your Holiday meals easier and unique. We mix our products with the perfect amount of high-quality ingredients, saving you time and energy. Our blends have herbs and spices we have searched high and far for. You and your guests will love our products this holiday season.

Save time and energy with our short prep times and easy-to-follow instructions!

Box Information

Estimated Time to Prepare all Packages:  1 Hour & 20 Minutes | Estimated Cook Time: Less than 1 Hour | Estimated Chill Time: 1-2 Hours or Overnight
Package Shelf Life:
2-3 Years | Cooked/Fridge Life: 3-5 Days

Contents of Pack:

*Note that some items may require extra items such as milk, butter, etc.


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our Values

We are firm believers in supreme quality and customer satisfaction.  Our products are carefully crafted by our experts using only the best ingredients available.

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