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Cajun Meat Rub

Try our savory and spicy Cajun Meat Rub and be ready for a kick to the taste buds. Shake as much as you like of our uniquely seasoned Cajun Meat Rub and enjoy the flavors of the deep south on a sunny hot day!

Greek Isles Meat Rub

Aside from our NEW BBQ and savory Meat Rubs, this Greek Isles Meat Rub has a rich rosemary aroma and flavor. This meat rub can accommodate any meat, however adding it to Chicken or Lamb may be a flavor overload-and we insist you try it asap!

Hickory Garlic Meat Rub

Try our new Hickory Garlic Meat Rub and let the compliments and drooling begin! You can smell the delicious scent of Hickory & Garlic together in this wonderfully aromatic meat rub. Try some today and give your meat a change up!

Kansas City Meat Rub

If you have ever had Kansas City BBQ then you know what we are talking about! Our Kansas City Meat Rub captures the essence of those famous restaurants that you can smell from Interstate 29. You got your sweet, you got your spice, and the fresh flavor of garlic rings all the way through with southern tang!

Memphis Meat Rub

We now sell our famous Memphis Meat Rubs packed with flavor and seasonings that will make you want another bite. You can use it on Fish, Turkey, Chicken, Shrimp, Seafood, Steak, Pork, and much more!

Mesquite Peppercorn Meat Rub

Buy our savory Mesquite Peppercorn Meat Rub and get to rubbing those meats! Mesquite and Peppercorn together makes for a happy piece of meat. Shake some on your pork, fish, chicken, and much more!