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Enhance Your Meal – A Spice Above Best Dip Mixes, Spinach Dip Mixes, Seafood Dip Mix, and More!

Enhance Your




Dip Mixes

A Spice Above Dip Mixes are high-quality dip mixes that are sure to liven up any party (or snack time). We offer a variety of flavors; ranging from the savory taste of French onion, or the spicy kick of Southwest Style. Our non-GMO, non-MSG dip mixes are loaded with flavor and are guaranteed to bring smiles.

Salad Mixes

Premium restaurant quality salads are a quick click away.  Our salad mixes are specially crafted to delight and pair perfectly with your favorite greens.  

Cracker Seasonings

Cracker seasonings are an incredible way to infuse massive amounts of flavor right into your crackers.  They pair perfectly with our dip mixes and are major hits at any party, gathering or holiday!

Soup Mixes

Our Premium delicious soup mixes are the perfect solution for a quick and easy meal.  From the savory French Onion to the Zesty Taco soups we have hand crafted our soup recipes to bring smiles to the whole family.  Hope you have big enough bowls!

Sweet Bread Mixes

There's nothing better than homemade bread.  Especially if that bread is a sweet bread!  Give our Banana bread a try or perhaps go straight for our Cinnamon Bread.  The only thing better than the taste is the amazing aromas that will fill your house!

Dessert Mixes

Our Dessert Mixes have been a tradition for many families. Our mixes can be served with fruits, jellies, and cream. Mixing the mixes are easy and can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. As we continue to add products to our line, we are sure you will enjoy our blends as much as we do!