March 10, 2021 in Products, Recipes

Meat Rubs: Science Says Use Them.

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No seriously, we asked. Science has a lot to say about many things. We’ve been doing some research and the science is pretty clear: Use Meat Rubs.

Here’s what you should know:

The Four “S”…es

  • Sugar
    • Depending on what you’re making, sugar can be an amazing additive to your meat. Because sugars will caramelize under high heat this helps form crusts and adds flavor profiles that really benefit the end results of your meal. Sugars in rubs (wet and dry) tend to steer heavily towards pork recipes.
  • Savory
    • You’ve probably heard of “Glutamates”. Back in time MSD or Mono-Sodium Glutamate was thought to cause all sorts of cancers and other stuff. We’ve later discovered that’s not true. But what are Glutamates? Without getting too deep into the subject, Glutamates are that “Savory” or “Delicious” taste you get when biting into the perfect steak. These are commonly found in herbs, spices, garlic, and many other flavorings. And masterfully crafted Meat Rubs have these ingredients in spades.
  • Spices & Herbs
    • This “S” is in tandem with the savory component mentioned above. But more pointedly Spices and Herbs add their own unique profiles to meat. For example, thyme is a great herb to use with steaks (one of our favorites is a bay-leaf and thyme butter basted ribeye).
  • Spicy
    • This one is fairly self explanatory. Spicy seasonings add that heat, that kick, that we love on a lot of our foods. And in well crafted meat rubs these seasonings are used to enhance your next meaty meal.

Okay, so we discussed the four “S”…es, Now what?

Well, now that you know the basic profiles of rubs it comes down to what these delicious flavor enhancers actually do… Besides, you know, make your meat taste great.

So, let’s discuss those Glutamates. Those are responsible for really bringing out the “Deliciousness” of your meats. By enhancing your meats natural flavors, glutamates really upgrade your experiences.

Sugars? Well yeah, sugars are amazing. Depending on the ultimate flavor profiles you’re going for, sugars really love to add that semi-sweet, crispy, and sometimes even gooey aspect to your meal. Think about those perfect ribs, they owe no less than half of their deliciousness to those sugars in your rubs!

The science boils down to: utilizing masterfully crafted rubs enhances your meat’s flavors ~ but you knew that. We just wanted to shed a little bit of light as to why and ultimately (hopefully) spark some inspirations.

What next?

Well, we want you to try some new meat rubs. Find something that you love. Not only love to eat, but love to prepare with. The sky is the limit!

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